Thursday, November 30, 2006

Big Hair Dreams

Okay, I must be feeling a little better. I can smile without my teeth chattering! I am still sniffly. I am still fighting an uphill battle to regain my balance (thanks to sniffles). I am BORED to tears, but golly darn it, I demand to look good while on my deathbed!

I was e-talking with a friend and the conversation turned towards the 80s. That made me think of my good friend Tracy, who by no means has big hair but..she lives in Texas. Texas makes me think of big hair...and voila! I get out my teasing comb and my hairspray and suddenly I'm back on the disco floor. Blame it on the medication. I do.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Used to Kick Ass! (subtitled: I'mb STILL Sickkkh)

Now it seems I just kick the garbage can full of tissues. Day five of this horrible blech bug. As my youngest would say, "Mom, you look really yucky." Well, then my outsides at least match my insides. One of my medications (don't ask how many) says "Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery Until You Know How You React To This Medication." Like I told my loopies, I think the vacuum is safe for another few days. Give me a riding Hoover and I'll consider trying to find the carpet. Until then, just wade through and know you are safe from nuclear fallout right now.

Oh..and come armed with Lysol. and a shovel.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I'mb Sichhhk

My nose is stuffed up, my ear is ringing, my head hurts, my eyes are itchy, my cheeks are all puffy and look like beige playdough, and that little dingleball thingy in the back of my throat has taken on a life of it's own. I'm sick. I've been in bed (mostly) since Friday night, and my poor 12 yro has been pretty much on her own. Good girl has behaved as if Christmas was tomorrow night and she was terrified that space under the tree would stay bare. Bless her heart. She's a good kid. I have a fever, and all that decongestant/antihistamine junk is giving me the weirdest dreams. Not even really imaginative ones, just weird. Like bringing my dead husband back to haunt me. Like I need that right now. My Doc has two scripts called in to the pharmacy today but I'm too dizzy to even go get them. Would one of my email buddies please move closer and baby me? I promise to always return the favor.

Okay, you can take the truck that is parked on my chest, off now. I got the message. Thank goodness for laptops and long cords. Bed is wonderful.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm Am Thankful.

We just finised a great Thanksgiving dinner, and I thought I'd write a bit. I don't do this often. I'm always afraid I'll bore someone or worse, make them laugh AT me. I guess I should be thankful they are looking at all, lol, but this blog is for me so it really doesn't matter, and any laughter is good.

I thought I'd do a thankyou post. I'm thankful for family. Thankful my family is close, in spirit if not proximity. My nephew called today. He is strong and tall and in the Air Force. He is also stateside for a surprise visit. I am thankful he is able to visit. He sounds so much like his father. That is a man on the other end of the phone, not the child I held and rocked and sang to. How thankful I am for him.

My sister and young niece just left. They are the only family I have here in Asheville. We had a wonderful small Thanksgiving dinner, complete with all the trimmings. The girls (mine and hers and some of the neighborhood rugrats) all played for hours afterwards while Catherine and I watched the lighting of the Macy's Christmas Tree. I am thankful for pumpkin pie, a comfy couch corner, and quiet times where the lighting is dim and the heart is as full as the tummy.

My friend Heather and her two precious babies were here earlier on in the week. Sadly, her oldest, Aidan, was ill, but the visit was wonderful regardless. They stayed two nights and Heather and I got to enjoy Kona Coffee (a little known food group) in big mugs while relaxing on the back porch. I am thankful for good friends, good coffee and a good life. I am thankful Aidan is on the mend. I am thankful that we have the type of relationsjhip that is easy on the spirit. It is there and it is appreciated and it is never frenetic. I am thankful for good friends.

I am lucky. I live a nice life with wonderful kids, supporting family and really great friends, and I am THANKFUL.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sad news at the homefront.....

I haven't updated in a while but it hurts to come here and see the pics. Liz and I hve lost two of our best friends. We lost Mama Spice, the best gerbil ever, and my precious beloved Tootsie Pop, the most primo supremo parakeet that ever waddled the earth. Our hearts are broken.