Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'd like to thank the Academy......

Yes, it's *weird feelings* time today. Don't know why but I've learned to quit fighting it and just let it be.

I saw the comment you, Queenie, left on my blog. Yes, I'm blogging again. You, Ivy and Heather are totally to blame, and I love you for that. I quit worrying about what to say, and just say it. IF they (the powers that blog stalk) come across it and don't like it, they just don't have to click back.

Thank you.

You're such an inspiration and I don't think I take the time to tell you that. I'm a sucky friend, but I do try and make up for it.

To Heather, Ivy & Sonia (in alphabetical order). I'd like to take this time to thank you, the blogger academy, for telling me I could do this, showing me how it's done, then coming back to check on me.

High five ladies. High five.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Ties that Bind.

Liz, Shannon & Josh (in that order in the picture) are best buds. Serious best buds. They do almost everything together. They sit on the bus together, they call each other on the phone, they go to skate night together, they all go back and forth to each others' houses, etc. They only thing they don't do together is Church and that is only because Shannon and his Mom go to a different Church than the rest of us. That's Josh's Mom (Theresa) and his baby sister (baby monster if you ask him, LOL) Allie along with yours truly.

Last weekend, Shannon and Josh were over my house when Theresa called and we all decided to go to dinner. Impromptu kind of thing. Shannon's Mom was working so Theresa had Shannon, and a quick phone call to me and off we went. Fat Buddy's here we come. BBQ. My kind of place. We get there and they are closed. Early Christmas party for their workers. How nice... some places don't do that. We thought that was cool even though we had to pick another place. Josh came up with shrimp, so we piled in our two cars and raced over to Red Lobster. We couldn't even get in the parking lot, let alone the door. Every restaurant on Restaurant Alley was packed, which isn't unusual for a weekend evening in Asheville, but we are talking seriously packed. So Theresa suggested Longhorn, which was just down the street. A little pricey for me, but what the hay....let's treat ourselves.

We get the kids back in the cars (not necessarily in the right one either) and we are off again! Longhorn is busy but they are worth the wait. We have a table for six in less than 10 minutes. Not bad for a Saturday night. Steak, ribs, potatoes and salads all around and throw in a Texas T'Onion for good measure. Cellphones are whipped out, pictures are taken, laughter is shared and a full tummy is had by all. The checks come and Miss Smartiepants (Theresa) grabs mine and won't give it back. Merry Christmas to us. They are leaving Christmas Eve day to go spend time with family and won't be back for five days, and this is her present to us. How sweet. Okay, plans are made... New Years at my house. Shannon and his Mom, Theresa and her brood, myself and mine.... we will have tidbits and sparkling cider and we will all ring in the New Year together as friends and a self-made family. The clink of water glasses all around seals the deal.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


I've been tagged by the gorgeous Heather (Cantalyssa). I really am coming up in the blog world, LOL! Let's see... five things most don't know about me. Gee, is this the time to let real secrets out???

1) I used to play guitar. Very well, in fact. Concert level. Both classical and flamenco were my choice styles, but I can do a mean accoustical backup when necessary. I play with all five fingers on both hands (well, four on the left, to be honest). I also played piano, but I definitely cannot call myself proficient at that. Guitar...yes, I was proficient. Hell, I was damn good at one time!

2) I used to be a wild woman in my twenties, and right up until 35 smacked me in the face. We won't go into detail, but let it be said that I was not always this responsible, staid person.

3) I liked chicken liver for a brief time. I know, I know.... but I hated it until I was pregnant with my first, then I craved it like crazy. Hate it now. So does my first born. I craved ribs during my second pregnancy... baby backs with tons of sauce...and ate them every chance I got. My poor husband was always having to go get them. Now my young one craves them, and could eat them right off the cow now, if the cow held still. Funny how that goes.

4) I wanted to be an actor. A stage actor. Song and dance thrown in for good measure. I love the stage. The feel of it, the look of it, the smell of the face paint and the musty smell of the curtains. The green room (which isn't always green), the "marks" on the floor. Singing in front of all those people was easy... all you can see are lights. The emotions one can run through in a single act. Love love love it. Miss it more.

5) I smoke like a chimney. Not in the house. Never in the house. On the back porch. Yes, I know... it's only logistics, and all of it is bad, but I can't drink and I don't do drugs and dang it, sex has been out for awhile. Don't take away my ciggies quite yet. I will take care of it myself, in my own time.

I would tag my own people, but sadly, I don't have enough peoples to tag. My peoples are email loopies, with whom I've looped for years, and who I adore. Most don't blog, and the ones that do have already done this. So... until I develop a more extensive readership, this tag ends with me. Now don't get me wrong... I don't blog for others.. I blog for me, but it would sure be nice to know I am not alone in my little world. It would be nice to know the voices I hear really do come from others. Thanks to Margo, Sahara, Ivy and Heather for deeming me worthy of a read. Thanks to Heather and Sonia for making me want to do this more (write). How wonderful it feels.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Evil. Plain evil. I purchased a bag of these horrid little candies. It sits in a bigger bag, along with other stocking stuffers, hiding under my bed and awaiting the quiet hours of Christmas morning, when it will make it's way to the fancy footwear hung by the TV with care.

I can't sleep. I go to bed and I KNOW it calls to me, softly but persistently. It knows I am there just as much as I know it is there, and I SWEAR I can hear it chuckle when it thinks that sound will blend with that of the television.

If you thought potato chips were bad with their crafty abilities to always make you eat more than one, you haven't met Mr. Peanut Butter Kiss.


Time Marches On....

...and eventually, it marches across your face! I believe that was a line ( or close to it) said by Dolly Parton. Pretty woman, that Dolly.

I am in a pensive mood tonight. I think that I've overdone the past few days, but it was so wonderful to be up out of the bed, out of the house, and out amongst adults. I haven't stopped smiling since Monday, and people are starting to stare and mumble. I literally waved to most of the other strangers at the Mall. The Mall... a bad word. A place I avoid more than health food. A necessary evil during this shopping season. I went. I saw. I freaked people out. I kid you not, I smiled and waved and laughed at almost everyone that I passed. Some smiled back, some ignored me, then there were the few that looked at me like I had escaped from the local insane asylum. I didn't (and don't) care. It was good to be human again.

Tuesday caught up with me and I took cat naps most of the day, but the smile never left my face. Tuesday night my best friend, who just happens to be a sister of mine, calls. I miss her. We don't talk nearly often enough anymore. We have been known to call each other at 10pm and talk until way past midnight without even realizing that time has passed. Time again....always marching.

Wednesday morning dawns, and I am out among the fray, in search of some missing items needed to complete my shopping lists. A much needed cup of coffee from the booth at Books-a-Million (and okay, two books later) and I am fortified and back out in jungle land. Somebody hand me a machete.

Here it is Wednesday night and I go to read Heather, Ivy & Queenie's blogs. I love their blogs. I even stalk Kathy T & Margo, just because I can link from Heather, Ivy or Queenies (lol). Lo and behold, I'm a LINK! I've made it to the big time folks. I've been blogstalked.

Thanks, friends. My smile just got bigger, and I didn't think that possible.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

This is what happens when you aren't up to snuff yet, but try and get the Christmas decorations going.

Liz put up the tree last night. It looks okay. Her friend Josh came over tonight. They decided to put up the lights outside. Then they decided that the extra outside lights would look great. INSIDE.

Me in my nyquil trance, thought it a grand idea! Doesn't it look great! Oh, I even wrote a song today. Well, I wrote the lyrics then copied the melody, but I think I can be forgiven. Everybody get out their karaoke equipment now!

(...sung to I Feel Pretty )

I feel HUMAN.
Almost HUMAN!
I feel better, I got back my wit!
and I pity
anyone ..who had what I had..
I feel normal
Almost normal
and I'm thankful my Lizzie is well!
Cause this virus
makes you feel..just like you've been to
See the pasty face in the mirror there
See the tissues all on the floor
oh so many pills
oh so many ills
oh so many chills
I feel better
so much better
and I think I will live after alllllll!
But I've missed you
and was ready to start climbing
I am back now
yes, I'm back now
so you better start checking your BLOG!!!
cause I'm back now
but still drinking Nyquil like
it is GROG!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Who Messed With My Clock???

I had all these good intentions. Heck, I seem to live by good intentions. I got up, feeling a little less like a snot machine, dressed and took both my child and the neighbor kids to wait at the bus stop in a nice warm car. It was 24 outside, with a windchill of 14. COLD. I came back home and made another cup of coffee (yum) and sat on the end of my bed. Big mistake.

What was to be nothing more than taking off my shoes to replace them with fuzzy warm slippers turned into a very Rip Van Winklish nap. Next thing I know it's 11:42am and UPS is banging at the door (and I have a door bell...geesh!).

I HATE being sick. I was going to do laundry. Oh heck. I was going to mop the floors, and dust and even ignore my medication and run the evil *looks like heavy machinery* vacuum. I was going to make a killer spaghetti sauce and let it simmer all day on the back of the a crock pot of course.

Dinner is not going to go on as planned (for shame!). Perhaps my dear friend Heather will let me mooch and borrow a can of vienna sausages, LOL!

Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm still feeling like someone poured oatmeal inside my head, then hit the *blend button. I've got so much to do and the time is getting real short. Things driving me crazy right now:

1) Laundry. I HATE HATE HATE getting backed up because then it is totally impossible to ever catch up. My poor child was down to two pairs of socks and had to ask for clean underwear.

2) People who call you five times a day to ask how you're feeling. I know they mean well but DANG.... I'm sick and I'm SLEEPING.

3) The fact that I have no portable phone. Battery died on the old one and I absolutely refuse to believe that any phone call is so important you have to carry the phone into the toilet with you. Of course, that is when the phone rings... that, or when you are sleeping (see #2).

4) People who call but only let the phone ring 3-4 times. Okay, this officially should be a sub paragraph to #3 but who cares? I don't have a big home. Since the recent move, it's bigger than it used to be, but it is still small by most people's standards. However, I am a slow mover. I hate getting to the phone right at the third ring, only to find I have nothing but a dial tone when I go to say Hello?? LET THE FREAKING PHONE RING!

5) The fact that I succumbed to having a TV in my bedroom. I swore it would never happen. The bedroom is for one thing only here... sleeping. Trust me, that's all that is happening, lol. Granted, I readily admit to loving it's glowing presence while I have been sick, but now it is much too easy for the two people who live here to retire to their respective rooms to watch completely different shows, and never really interact. NO NO NO NO NO. We still do the family dinner together and Gosh Darnit, the rest of the evening will be spent together as well!!! TV is evil. Law & Order must put out subliminal messages that tell me I absolutely HAVE to watch every episode on TNT.

6. Talking to myself. For some strange reason, it happens a LOT lately. Worse yet, I find myself arguing with myself about talking aloud to myself. Then I bring in a third conversation to tell my first two selves this is perfectly normal. Can I still blame it on medication once this stupid virus is gone?

7. The feeling that I blog all alone in the world. Perhaps that is why I talk to myself.

See? I'm crazy!

Oh. PS: The main thing driving me nuts right now is the feeling that it is only Dec 4th, yet I've MISSED it. The shopping season is almost over, or so I've been told, and I haven't even been out there in the fray yet! I didn't realize that mid-December was considered last minute. It used to be the norm. I feel like I should get the Easter decorations out just in case I blink.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blogger Panic!

Panic! Fear! A strange but titilating wish to call the Geek Squad! My blogger wasn't working. No upload image button. ACK! I suddenly realize that this thing means more to me than I knew. It's not working!!!!

Thanks to a kind (and I say brave) soul on Blogger Help Group, I am up and running again. Many of us are. We owe our bloggability (and sanity) to one Blogger Buzzer, a saint of a poster who told us how to correct the problem.

Go forth Buzzer Angel. Go forth into that dark and thankless night where those of us who are mainly blog illiterate go to vent and read and pray for help, and know that you saved us all from what surely was sudden withdrawals and certain journalistic death.

Our Hero.... BUZZER!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Big Hair Dreams

Okay, I must be feeling a little better. I can smile without my teeth chattering! I am still sniffly. I am still fighting an uphill battle to regain my balance (thanks to sniffles). I am BORED to tears, but golly darn it, I demand to look good while on my deathbed!

I was e-talking with a friend and the conversation turned towards the 80s. That made me think of my good friend Tracy, who by no means has big hair but..she lives in Texas. Texas makes me think of big hair...and voila! I get out my teasing comb and my hairspray and suddenly I'm back on the disco floor. Blame it on the medication. I do.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Used to Kick Ass! (subtitled: I'mb STILL Sickkkh)

Now it seems I just kick the garbage can full of tissues. Day five of this horrible blech bug. As my youngest would say, "Mom, you look really yucky." Well, then my outsides at least match my insides. One of my medications (don't ask how many) says "Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery Until You Know How You React To This Medication." Like I told my loopies, I think the vacuum is safe for another few days. Give me a riding Hoover and I'll consider trying to find the carpet. Until then, just wade through and know you are safe from nuclear fallout right now.

Oh..and come armed with Lysol. and a shovel.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I'mb Sichhhk

My nose is stuffed up, my ear is ringing, my head hurts, my eyes are itchy, my cheeks are all puffy and look like beige playdough, and that little dingleball thingy in the back of my throat has taken on a life of it's own. I'm sick. I've been in bed (mostly) since Friday night, and my poor 12 yro has been pretty much on her own. Good girl has behaved as if Christmas was tomorrow night and she was terrified that space under the tree would stay bare. Bless her heart. She's a good kid. I have a fever, and all that decongestant/antihistamine junk is giving me the weirdest dreams. Not even really imaginative ones, just weird. Like bringing my dead husband back to haunt me. Like I need that right now. My Doc has two scripts called in to the pharmacy today but I'm too dizzy to even go get them. Would one of my email buddies please move closer and baby me? I promise to always return the favor.

Okay, you can take the truck that is parked on my chest, off now. I got the message. Thank goodness for laptops and long cords. Bed is wonderful.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm Am Thankful.

We just finised a great Thanksgiving dinner, and I thought I'd write a bit. I don't do this often. I'm always afraid I'll bore someone or worse, make them laugh AT me. I guess I should be thankful they are looking at all, lol, but this blog is for me so it really doesn't matter, and any laughter is good.

I thought I'd do a thankyou post. I'm thankful for family. Thankful my family is close, in spirit if not proximity. My nephew called today. He is strong and tall and in the Air Force. He is also stateside for a surprise visit. I am thankful he is able to visit. He sounds so much like his father. That is a man on the other end of the phone, not the child I held and rocked and sang to. How thankful I am for him.

My sister and young niece just left. They are the only family I have here in Asheville. We had a wonderful small Thanksgiving dinner, complete with all the trimmings. The girls (mine and hers and some of the neighborhood rugrats) all played for hours afterwards while Catherine and I watched the lighting of the Macy's Christmas Tree. I am thankful for pumpkin pie, a comfy couch corner, and quiet times where the lighting is dim and the heart is as full as the tummy.

My friend Heather and her two precious babies were here earlier on in the week. Sadly, her oldest, Aidan, was ill, but the visit was wonderful regardless. They stayed two nights and Heather and I got to enjoy Kona Coffee (a little known food group) in big mugs while relaxing on the back porch. I am thankful for good friends, good coffee and a good life. I am thankful Aidan is on the mend. I am thankful that we have the type of relationsjhip that is easy on the spirit. It is there and it is appreciated and it is never frenetic. I am thankful for good friends.

I am lucky. I live a nice life with wonderful kids, supporting family and really great friends, and I am THANKFUL.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sad news at the homefront.....

I haven't updated in a while but it hurts to come here and see the pics. Liz and I hve lost two of our best friends. We lost Mama Spice, the best gerbil ever, and my precious beloved Tootsie Pop, the most primo supremo parakeet that ever waddled the earth. Our hearts are broken.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Canceled My Massage For This???

This is my daughter Liz, and my best friend Tootsie Pop. I know, you're thinking I'm nuts, and you might be right, but the truth of it is, I don't get out much due to some chronic pain issues. That being said, the pity train left a long time ago and I actually like my life just the way it is. Between my youngest child, and all of our pocket pets, I spend most of my free time laughing my butt off, which could stand to be a bit smaller. This pic is one of my favorites. Well, honestly, I have a lot of favorites, but this is the current one. Liz was watching TV when Toots decided to fly over for a quick visit. She was trying to get Liz's attention by kissing on her chin, but something on TV set Liz off into hysterical fits of laughter, and the poor birdie bounced up and down like a superball. I grabbed the camera, and took some quick shots. In this one, Toots is looking straight at me with a face that said "Rescue me. Please." After the rollercoaster ride had momentarily stopped (Liz paused in her laughter) the bird again started to give her kisses but Liz was right back into her belly laughs, and the Tootsie Pop had to hang on for dear life. She finally gave up (Toots) and flew down to crawl up my leg and up onto my left shoulder, where it is safe and broad and STILL. I got extra kisses for that one!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Friendships Passing

Pete, the gerbil, is gone. Sadly, Mr. Pete passed away last week. He took unexpectedly ill, and the vet said there was nothing that could be done. He was in pain, his system was shutting down, and we did not want him to suffer so we let him go. A heartbroken eleven year old child brought her beloved pet home to bury him. We said a few words over his little box, added a necklace she had made, and (with the help of a kind neighbor and his shovel) laid Mr. Pete to rest.

The next night screams came from the back, and Liz came running. RePete was ill. He was so still as she laid his little body in my hands. His heart was beating so fast. I asked her what he did. She said he sat up, then just fell over on his side. I knew that he wouldn't make it, and before I could call the emergency clinic, RePetes heart slowed down and then just stopped. He lay in my hands while I just cried and cried, and my child wrapped herself around my shoulders and cried harder. I couldn't reach "Grandma" to comfort her, and my words were of no help this time. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful friend who was able to calm me, and help me calm Liz (thank you Dani). Liz looked so lost. Both of her babies were gone.

I tried to explain. They were old. They had never been apart. RePete loved his brother so much that he actually climbed an impassable barrier to be with Pete while Pete was supposed to be in isolation, recovering from a broken leg. RePete wasn't having any of that, as you can read from a previous post. They were three years of age, ancient as far as gerbils go. They were pampered pets who had more toys than I did, and they lived happy and healthy lives, full of chew sticks and apples and sunflower seeds. They just couldn't stand to be apart. I think that gave us both comfort.

We buried RePete next to Pete, adding another necklace Liz had made. This one said BROTHER. We said a few words, cried a lot of tears, and wished them both happiness beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

They will be very much missed.