Friday, August 19, 2005

I had a life before I had children. I swear I did. My old old friends would even argue that I was actually fun to be around way back then. I was the shy, quiet one in high school, with the exception of my music. I played guitar, you see.. and back when I was in school, it was cool to be a hippy chick with long hair (mine was short), straight hair (mine was curly), and a stick thin body (mine wasn't even CLOSE lol). Think Twiggy. Think Peggy from Mod Squad or Laurie from The Partridge Family. I was as opposite to cool as Burritos are to Lobster Bisque. Not even close. You get the picture. Only problem with all this is I didn't KNOW I wasn't cool. My parents had always told me I could be anything I wanted to be, so in my eyes, I was already cool, since cool is what EVERYONE wanted to be. :)

I had my music. I had a guitar teacher whose name was Micky. His hair was longer than Peggy Liptons, lol. His pants were a cool tan corduroy and his shirts had sleeves that were all puffy. I swear, the only thing he was missing were the hippy beads. He would interject words like "Cool, Man" and "Groovy" and we basically did whatever we wanted to, since all of us could play anyway and this was just one of those classes you took because you had to take an elective but you didn't want to WORK too hard. We'd sit around in groups in the classroom or in the hallways, playing our guitars and thinking deep thoughts about the world.

We started a lunchbreak thing called "The CoffeeHouse" and every lunch time we'd set up our microphones and our little baby amps and get out there and sing sing sing. We were pretty good too, or my ears were just not in tune back then. It was a blast, and we had quite a following. I also did a lot with the Drama department. I know, I know... I can hear your thoughts loud and clear. Boring. Except it wasn't! Our biggest production was Godspell and we brought the house down. Our drama supervisor (she didn't like the word teacher) was an old Broadway backup dancer/actor/waitress who had the most amazing stories. She made it fun, and many of us visited her long after we left school. We even got some of the cast of Godspell (they were performing at Coconut Grove Playhouse at the time) to come see US, and then we were invited to go see their performance. It is funny how you get so enveloped in a role you don't remember where the character left off and you began. Aw, to be 17 again! Not. Well.. there's my opening 'story.' Hope you enjoyed it.


Elaine said...

Carye, I read from the top down and didn't miss a word - wouldn't have wanted to.

Here's to the blog~

Christine said...

You were so not cool back then, I so hate to break your heart and have to tell the world that. :-D

But... you did have a great singing voice.

And that production of Godspell is what got me started in drama and the chorus and choirs. So, I guess it is okay that you were such an uncool role model. ;-)