Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blogger Panic!

Panic! Fear! A strange but titilating wish to call the Geek Squad! My blogger wasn't working. No upload image button. ACK! I suddenly realize that this thing means more to me than I knew. It's not working!!!!

Thanks to a kind (and I say brave) soul on Blogger Help Group, I am up and running again. Many of us are. We owe our bloggability (and sanity) to one Blogger Buzzer, a saint of a poster who told us how to correct the problem.

Go forth Buzzer Angel. Go forth into that dark and thankless night where those of us who are mainly blog illiterate go to vent and read and pray for help, and know that you saved us all from what surely was sudden withdrawals and certain journalistic death.

Our Hero.... BUZZER!


Heather said...

I love ya, lady.

You do realize my e-mail is always open?

Carye said...

This is all your fault, lol. You and Sonia and Ivy. I blame you all equally, but the scales are tipping in your favor.

I blog, therefore I am convinced I am a writer.