Sunday, December 10, 2006

This is what happens when you aren't up to snuff yet, but try and get the Christmas decorations going.

Liz put up the tree last night. It looks okay. Her friend Josh came over tonight. They decided to put up the lights outside. Then they decided that the extra outside lights would look great. INSIDE.

Me in my nyquil trance, thought it a grand idea! Doesn't it look great! Oh, I even wrote a song today. Well, I wrote the lyrics then copied the melody, but I think I can be forgiven. Everybody get out their karaoke equipment now!

(...sung to I Feel Pretty )

I feel HUMAN.
Almost HUMAN!
I feel better, I got back my wit!
and I pity
anyone ..who had what I had..
I feel normal
Almost normal
and I'm thankful my Lizzie is well!
Cause this virus
makes you feel..just like you've been to
See the pasty face in the mirror there
See the tissues all on the floor
oh so many pills
oh so many ills
oh so many chills
I feel better
so much better
and I think I will live after alllllll!
But I've missed you
and was ready to start climbing
I am back now
yes, I'm back now
so you better start checking your BLOG!!!
cause I'm back now
but still drinking Nyquil like
it is GROG!


Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

That's a great song. :) And I think the lights look good inside the house!

Carye said...

THUD. The great and powerful checked my blog! Miss you Ivy girl. You and the hair grandma are forever in my thoughts.