Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm still feeling like someone poured oatmeal inside my head, then hit the *blend button. I've got so much to do and the time is getting real short. Things driving me crazy right now:

1) Laundry. I HATE HATE HATE getting backed up because then it is totally impossible to ever catch up. My poor child was down to two pairs of socks and had to ask for clean underwear.

2) People who call you five times a day to ask how you're feeling. I know they mean well but DANG.... I'm sick and I'm SLEEPING.

3) The fact that I have no portable phone. Battery died on the old one and I absolutely refuse to believe that any phone call is so important you have to carry the phone into the toilet with you. Of course, that is when the phone rings... that, or when you are sleeping (see #2).

4) People who call but only let the phone ring 3-4 times. Okay, this officially should be a sub paragraph to #3 but who cares? I don't have a big home. Since the recent move, it's bigger than it used to be, but it is still small by most people's standards. However, I am a slow mover. I hate getting to the phone right at the third ring, only to find I have nothing but a dial tone when I go to say Hello?? LET THE FREAKING PHONE RING!

5) The fact that I succumbed to having a TV in my bedroom. I swore it would never happen. The bedroom is for one thing only here... sleeping. Trust me, that's all that is happening, lol. Granted, I readily admit to loving it's glowing presence while I have been sick, but now it is much too easy for the two people who live here to retire to their respective rooms to watch completely different shows, and never really interact. NO NO NO NO NO. We still do the family dinner together and Gosh Darnit, the rest of the evening will be spent together as well!!! TV is evil. Law & Order must put out subliminal messages that tell me I absolutely HAVE to watch every episode on TNT.

6. Talking to myself. For some strange reason, it happens a LOT lately. Worse yet, I find myself arguing with myself about talking aloud to myself. Then I bring in a third conversation to tell my first two selves this is perfectly normal. Can I still blame it on medication once this stupid virus is gone?

7. The feeling that I blog all alone in the world. Perhaps that is why I talk to myself.

See? I'm crazy!

Oh. PS: The main thing driving me nuts right now is the feeling that it is only Dec 4th, yet I've MISSED it. The shopping season is almost over, or so I've been told, and I haven't even been out there in the fray yet! I didn't realize that mid-December was considered last minute. It used to be the norm. I feel like I should get the Easter decorations out just in case I blink.



Heather said...

I've been sitting here debating whether to do the roundup or to pull out the tree...

I think I'll make a cup of coffee instead.

Carye said...

Sounds like a plan. Coffee is the hidden 5th food group.

Margo said...

You mean it's not Easter?? LOL

I can relate, Carye! I talk to mylsef all the time, I HATE doing laundry and I haven't even given any thought to shopping yet...I think I might do most of it on-line this year... I might just go get started on that!

Carye said...

Can you grab a few for me while you're *ON there???

Anonymous said...