Thursday, December 14, 2006

Time Marches On....

...and eventually, it marches across your face! I believe that was a line ( or close to it) said by Dolly Parton. Pretty woman, that Dolly.

I am in a pensive mood tonight. I think that I've overdone the past few days, but it was so wonderful to be up out of the bed, out of the house, and out amongst adults. I haven't stopped smiling since Monday, and people are starting to stare and mumble. I literally waved to most of the other strangers at the Mall. The Mall... a bad word. A place I avoid more than health food. A necessary evil during this shopping season. I went. I saw. I freaked people out. I kid you not, I smiled and waved and laughed at almost everyone that I passed. Some smiled back, some ignored me, then there were the few that looked at me like I had escaped from the local insane asylum. I didn't (and don't) care. It was good to be human again.

Tuesday caught up with me and I took cat naps most of the day, but the smile never left my face. Tuesday night my best friend, who just happens to be a sister of mine, calls. I miss her. We don't talk nearly often enough anymore. We have been known to call each other at 10pm and talk until way past midnight without even realizing that time has passed. Time again....always marching.

Wednesday morning dawns, and I am out among the fray, in search of some missing items needed to complete my shopping lists. A much needed cup of coffee from the booth at Books-a-Million (and okay, two books later) and I am fortified and back out in jungle land. Somebody hand me a machete.

Here it is Wednesday night and I go to read Heather, Ivy & Queenie's blogs. I love their blogs. I even stalk Kathy T & Margo, just because I can link from Heather, Ivy or Queenies (lol). Lo and behold, I'm a LINK! I've made it to the big time folks. I've been blogstalked.

Thanks, friends. My smile just got bigger, and I didn't think that possible.