Thursday, December 21, 2006


I've been tagged by the gorgeous Heather (Cantalyssa). I really am coming up in the blog world, LOL! Let's see... five things most don't know about me. Gee, is this the time to let real secrets out???

1) I used to play guitar. Very well, in fact. Concert level. Both classical and flamenco were my choice styles, but I can do a mean accoustical backup when necessary. I play with all five fingers on both hands (well, four on the left, to be honest). I also played piano, but I definitely cannot call myself proficient at that. Guitar...yes, I was proficient. Hell, I was damn good at one time!

2) I used to be a wild woman in my twenties, and right up until 35 smacked me in the face. We won't go into detail, but let it be said that I was not always this responsible, staid person.

3) I liked chicken liver for a brief time. I know, I know.... but I hated it until I was pregnant with my first, then I craved it like crazy. Hate it now. So does my first born. I craved ribs during my second pregnancy... baby backs with tons of sauce...and ate them every chance I got. My poor husband was always having to go get them. Now my young one craves them, and could eat them right off the cow now, if the cow held still. Funny how that goes.

4) I wanted to be an actor. A stage actor. Song and dance thrown in for good measure. I love the stage. The feel of it, the look of it, the smell of the face paint and the musty smell of the curtains. The green room (which isn't always green), the "marks" on the floor. Singing in front of all those people was easy... all you can see are lights. The emotions one can run through in a single act. Love love love it. Miss it more.

5) I smoke like a chimney. Not in the house. Never in the house. On the back porch. Yes, I know... it's only logistics, and all of it is bad, but I can't drink and I don't do drugs and dang it, sex has been out for awhile. Don't take away my ciggies quite yet. I will take care of it myself, in my own time.

I would tag my own people, but sadly, I don't have enough peoples to tag. My peoples are email loopies, with whom I've looped for years, and who I adore. Most don't blog, and the ones that do have already done this. So... until I develop a more extensive readership, this tag ends with me. Now don't get me wrong... I don't blog for others.. I blog for me, but it would sure be nice to know I am not alone in my little world. It would be nice to know the voices I hear really do come from others. Thanks to Margo, Sahara, Ivy and Heather for deeming me worthy of a read. Thanks to Heather and Sonia for making me want to do this more (write). How wonderful it feels.