Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Ties that Bind.

Liz, Shannon & Josh (in that order in the picture) are best buds. Serious best buds. They do almost everything together. They sit on the bus together, they call each other on the phone, they go to skate night together, they all go back and forth to each others' houses, etc. They only thing they don't do together is Church and that is only because Shannon and his Mom go to a different Church than the rest of us. That's Josh's Mom (Theresa) and his baby sister (baby monster if you ask him, LOL) Allie along with yours truly.

Last weekend, Shannon and Josh were over my house when Theresa called and we all decided to go to dinner. Impromptu kind of thing. Shannon's Mom was working so Theresa had Shannon, and a quick phone call to me and off we went. Fat Buddy's here we come. BBQ. My kind of place. We get there and they are closed. Early Christmas party for their workers. How nice... some places don't do that. We thought that was cool even though we had to pick another place. Josh came up with shrimp, so we piled in our two cars and raced over to Red Lobster. We couldn't even get in the parking lot, let alone the door. Every restaurant on Restaurant Alley was packed, which isn't unusual for a weekend evening in Asheville, but we are talking seriously packed. So Theresa suggested Longhorn, which was just down the street. A little pricey for me, but what the hay....let's treat ourselves.

We get the kids back in the cars (not necessarily in the right one either) and we are off again! Longhorn is busy but they are worth the wait. We have a table for six in less than 10 minutes. Not bad for a Saturday night. Steak, ribs, potatoes and salads all around and throw in a Texas T'Onion for good measure. Cellphones are whipped out, pictures are taken, laughter is shared and a full tummy is had by all. The checks come and Miss Smartiepants (Theresa) grabs mine and won't give it back. Merry Christmas to us. They are leaving Christmas Eve day to go spend time with family and won't be back for five days, and this is her present to us. How sweet. Okay, plans are made... New Years at my house. Shannon and his Mom, Theresa and her brood, myself and mine.... we will have tidbits and sparkling cider and we will all ring in the New Year together as friends and a self-made family. The clink of water glasses all around seals the deal.


Heather said...

If I can manage to stay up until midnight (exhaustion you know), I'll be thinking of you. My kids know you're a part of our family and one of the best parts, because we chose you.

Carye said...

Now you made me go and cry, dang it!

Margo said...

Isn't it great to have such relationships!

You're making me huuungry with all that talk of food!

Sonia said...

HEY! YOU'RE BLOGGIN AGAIN! sorry to yell...i got so excited!

Sahara said...

Sounds like a wonderful New Years Eve party...Enjoy!