Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dying to Live

With each new year, we all seem to set ourselves up for failure by making resolutions we have every intention of keeping, but can't. I'm no different, and do the same thing.

You know the drill:

1) Lose the weight
2) Get in better shape
3) Stop smoking
4) Realize chocolate and coffee are not alone as a food group

Again, I am no different, but the circumstances are. Living with diabetes, and the complications it can sometimes bring (and has brought), is no piece of cake, but it's easier if you work at it. I haven't been working at it quite as hard as I should. Heck, I put *working hard* away months ago. Well, I made some resolutions of my very own this year.

1) I resolve to exercise 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week (trying for 4-6). I have to. Not for weight (which is a great result of exercise, and Lord knows I need to), but for health reasons. Exercise brings down sugar levels, regulates insulin, and helps increase circulation.

My exercise will take the form of:

a) Blast Off! tape 3-4 times a week (low impact/moderate cardio) 30 mins
b) Gazelle (no impact on feet - yay!!! and good for my DPN!) 5 times a week 15 mns each

2) I resolve to eat breakfast, even though it kills me. I resolve to make that breakfast healthier by:

a) Eating Special K (low GI) w/berries, or
b) Eating Steel-cut Oatmeal w/berries, or
c) Eating 2-3 oz lean protein w/greens (on days no morning workout)
d) Eating SB home made morning muffins (more of a mini quiche-yum!)

3) I resolve to use my darn crockpot more so I don't have an excuse for "what's for dinner." I used to do weekend cooking sessions, and always had the makings of a quick, healthy dinner just a freezer away. I don't do this anymore, and I've no excuse other than laziness. I resolve to steer clear of most processed foods, even if they are cheaper. Cheaper isn't always better.

4) I resolve to be careful of my portions. Nothing is taboo in moderation, but serves 4 really means serves 4, not serves 2 with a spoonful left over.

5) I resolve to put me first. I cannot be of any good to anyone if I am not good to myself first.

6) I resolve to check my sugars every morning first thing and set my alarm to do so, since I seem to forget (or I subconsciously use that as an excuse). It should be done 2-4 times a day for me, but I can't seem to manage even one lately. I think it's because I hate what I see when I do, and I am totally to blame, since I've managed sugars quite well in the past.

7) I resolve to drink more water. Drink water until I float out the door. I love water. I just hate OUR water, unless it is ice cold and has a slice of lemon or lemon flavoring. I will keep a big pitcher of water in the fridge at all times, and I will keep sugar free lemonade (just a pinch is perfect) handy. I will cut back on coffee even though it hurts (and yes, it does...I loves me my coffee).

Due to DPN, I have no feeling in my feet (except the pain DPN brings on). I am fast losing the ability to use my hands, and my kidneys are not real happy with me either. I still consider myself blessed, as my medications keep everything to a moderate roar, and most times I have a decent day. What's that story about complaining about no shoes until I met a man who had no feet? Well, that's me. I still have my feet, so what's to complain about? Not much, really, yet I manage to do so quite verbally as of late. Well, that's going to change too.

I can live with diabetes, and the complications it has brought to my life, but I'll be damned if I'm going to die by it.


Heather said...

I'm with you on the coffee and water.

I've had to cut back. I miss my caffeine! I just have developed a strong aversion to bitterness.

I'm setting an alarm throughout the day to remind me to drink water, no matter how pukey I feel.

Carye said...

At this rate, I am going to need a cell with more alarm entry capabilities. Good idea on the water alarm. Can you have decaf or half caf? I've tried switching to almost all half caf with a slow switch to decaf. I miss my Kona blend something fierce.

Sahara said...

Best of luck with your personal improvements. I find toilet water quite appetizing and it stays cold in the bowl :)!

Carye said...

Thank you Sahara. I'll take your advice under consideration!

Margo said...

Good for you, Carye! You have a strong will.

Sonia said... do not compmlain! Hell, I've heard a lot more complaining from people who don't have an 1/8 of the problems you havE! I know you can stick to your goals. You're a strong woman. Good Luck!

Carye said...

xoxoxo Sonia!

Kathy T. said...

I keep seeing you pop up in the comments section of the blogs I love to read, so finally hopped over to visit you. :) I also have diabetes and it's a horrible battle because no one in my family seems very supportive. My husband doesn't believe someone can have it if they don't use insulin by needle. Your resolutions are a lot like mine, but you're much more specific. Good luck and I'll be back!