Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snow Day

We got an unexpected visitor today. Two inches of snow. Beautiful. Two inches doesn't seem like a lot, but that practically shuts down the entire city, as these mountain roads are deadly when there is any snow or ice to contend with. Schools closed down early, and will probably either start late or be closed tomorrow. Stores are filled with people who think this is the next three week blizzard, and that they will never see a loaf of bread again. So silly.

We are warm and cozy in our little home, watching the flakes fly by from the window. Soon they will be nothing but a pool of memories and the skies will turn blue, the air will breathe a hint of warmth, and things will be back to normal here. Until then, a little bit of winter magic seems awfully nice.


Margo said...


sista smiff said...

I want some of your snow!!!!

And you come peek anytime, my dear.


Heather said...

Keep the ick up there, please.

Stay warm.