Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Saying Goodbye to the Old....

...and saying hello to the new. My baby. My last born. My child of light and love and laughter...is growing up. She met a boy. It all started at The Encouraging Cup (of my Fathers House), a Christian coffee house that showcases Christian bands. My sister invited us to a dinner to celebrate the upcoming New Year, and I know a few people at the Cup, so I said yes.

We arrive and more introductions are made, dinner is set up, and then in walks a friend of my Sister, dragging her younger 14 year old brother. Oh boy. The kid looks like a young Ashton Kutcher, shaggy brown hair, dreamy brown eyes and all. Suddenly, the rest of the world didn't exist...and the only thing in the room was my child and Mr. Dreamy. They talked for six hours. SIX hours! He asked if he could ask her out. Asked ME directly. Oh boy. My answer? We will see...with a chaperone, it's possible. Phone numbers were exchanged (with permissions) and my wide-eyed child and Mr. Dreamy parted company.
After a late rising the next day, my child turns on her phone. It rings no more than 30 seconds later. Mr. Dreamy couldn't wait to talk, and had called "like a million times trying to reach you!"

...and it begins. The changing of the guard, from pig-tailed little girl to giggly, gangly-legged young woman. I've walked this path before, with the first one, but somehow it all seems strange and new this time. Perhaps because my heart knows this is the final journey and there's no turning back. Hold on to the remnants of childhood as long as you can, and drag them kicking and screaming back to the playgrounds. Strap them onto the teeter totter and make them remember that childhood only comes once. When it's gone...it's gone.

I watch my young one, and I'm proud..and a little scared.


Heather said...

No, no, no.

I'm not ready.

Punky said...

Momma, the reason its also different with this one, is because your first born, and might I add the perfect "original" progeny, was a PRUDE! Ah yes, I had a no look, no touch policy. Lizzie on the other hand is going to be boy crazy! Have fun with that one ma. Boy, am I glad I live here, dont think I could handle it. Instead of dad running out of the house with a shotgun trying to chase them boys off, it would be me in my Mint Jelup face mask, and bra & underwear! I love you, and wish, myself, that I could turn back the "hands of time" and move back on home...

Do you have a room to rent, by chance? LOL

Love you, and I WILL be blogging soon. I'm in high demand right now, as soon as the paparazzo die down, I'll be on!

Margo said...

I have tears rolling down my cheeks here!