Monday, January 29, 2007

Snow Break!

Six sets of shoes and scarves and whatnot on the back porch, six mugs of hot chocolate gone, six pairs of socks tumbling in the dryer...and one Disney movie. Six bowls of spaghetti and six glasses of sugar free cherry Kool Aid. Another movie goes in. Six kids playing football with a knitted hat and one adult huddled in the corner typing furiously and trying to pretend it's not noisy. Six friends spending the day together. Snow breaks are fun!


Margo said...

Fun for who?? Kidding. ;-)

I love the way you go with the flow!

Carye said...

Aw, thanks! Why make life difficult on ourselves? It's hard enough without our help. The kids had fun, and admittedly, I even had a little fun myself.